Chris Lee

Chris retired from the US Army in May of 2020 after serving 20 years as an Infantryman. His grappling experience started in 2005 with Army Combatives at Ft. Benning, GA, learning and then teaching Privates at Basic Training. While his career did not allow him to train regularly until some years later, Chris began regularly training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with his family in 2014 while stationed at Ft. Sam Houston, TX. Since returning home, Chris brought BJJ to Iowa Park in 2018 and has worked his way up to BJJ Black Belt under Carlos Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Ryan Graves

Ryan is a Father of 3, a Husband to K'ann, a Registered Nurse, and a Pastor. He fell in love with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2005 and has been obsessed ever since. Ryan loves the strength and conditioning aspect of BJJ, not just physically, but also mentally.  In addition to a Brown belt, Ryan has a Level 1 Crossfit Certification as well as a Starting Strength Certification. 

Nick Delgadillo

Nick is a BJJ brown belt and a Matt Larsen Combatives green belt with extensive background in teaching and coaching, developing coaches,  and teaching self defense. Nick started training in Muay Thai in 2002 and took his first BJJ class in 2007. He started teaching self defense and striking classes in 2005 and has since made teaching and coaching his profession. Nick is also a graduate of the Rangemaster Advanced Instructor Development Program. 

Cathy Delgadillo

Cathy is a BJJ purple belt.  She began training in 2018 after watching her husband and 2 children do BJJ for several years. Her focus is on helping new students become comfortable and proficient quickly. 

Kyle Gullette